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Opoa Beach

9 cute cottages, a property with plenty of Polynesian charm and great food. Excellent snorkeling.

OPOA BEACH HOTEL is situated on the South of the Island of Raiatea, the « Sacred Island », which shares its superb blue and turquoise lagoon with Tahaa, the « sister island ».

This new site, still wild and preserved offers a place to discover :

* Amazing viewpoints on the lagoon, the ocean and the island of Huahine

* Beautiful waterfalls, valleys rich of local culture, virgin beaches

* Original birthplace of the Maohi culture, authentic villages.


Our special features

Hidden in the middle of a dense forest, Opoa Beach Hotel is found on the side of the lagoon with a fine sand beach and great views of the lagoon, « the birds » motu, the coral reef and some fabulous sunrise over Huahine.

This small charming hotel was hand built by French Polynesia lovers to offer to its guest’s authenticity, serenity, warmth, in one word: all you need to make your holidays a success!

Opoa Beach Hotel

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